Posted on Wednesday, 8 June

I love this little pee monster. Just saying

Posted on Tuesday, 26 April

I want my hair to be long again. nuf said

Dear school

Posted on Tuesday, 26 April

It will never end, I went to my councilor today to discuss my major and the classes that I should be taking, because I am choosing to become a teacher I have a new load of classes to take that are completely different from the original transfer program. I’m sure I will be hear at pierce for another year and I cannot take summer classes because I have taken all the summer classes that they offer. >.< In the long run this is all worth it, and I cant wait till I actually reach my goal. But until then I will be here at pierce and then at csun.

Posted on Tuesday, 26 April

Posted on Tuesday, 26 April

Liz Wolfe

Posted on Friday, 22 April


Posted on Monday, 4 April

the watch i wear on my arm is just a fashion statement and a wonderful gift. i cant read it for shit, i think it has the wrong time… but i wouldnt know, unless i looked at a digital clock, that told me what the real time is other wise i might think it was 12:08…

well thats definitely wrong…  because my iphone says its 1:06… im an hour behind and 2 minutes fast… oh time how u have surpassed me…. but my phone is with it. haay!


Lets play fat and be skinney

Posted on Monday, 4 April

lets run through the hills and sing obnoxiously! 

i was thinking of artisticly said words, i came up with :

you are the dagger that caresses my heart, causing just a trickle of blood to drip out. your that dagger… 

i have no idea who its referring to, but i thought of it last night.. i guess its like a dark Hiku? OH I JUST REALIZED! thats like that sugarcult song “SHES THE BLADE AND YOUR JUST PAPER!!!” i literally just sang that

i once had a book of hiku’s, they were clever. but whatever… my cat is running around like a madman its distracting. she thinks the floor is attacking her or something.. what a weirdo. she’s definitely mine.

i still want a pair of tom’s and one day they will be mine!!! >.< 

Posted on Sunday, 3 April

for some reason i think these are the coolest shoes ever. like seriously, im jealous of everyone who has them